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Gus Simonovic has lived in other countries and spoken other languages. Currently he is suspected to be in Serbia - writing and performing his poetry in broken but delightful English. Apart from his own poetry collection, his poetry has been published in a few magazines and anthologies. Gus has been performing his poetry around the world. He is a Poetry Slam winner.

With a vision to bring poetry to the widest possible audiences, Gus initiated the “Printable Reality” concept. Based on collaboration with other spoken word artists, musicians, dancers and visual artists and with a motto : “Experience Poetry Differently”.

As a part of 2011 UK/Europe tour - two newest Printable Reality productions: "Lovers Walk - a Poetic Journey in Eight Scenes" and “iWas” were presented at the Edinburg Fringe Festival in August.

Printable Reality is all about connecting people - through poetry: raising profile of poetry/ spoken word performance, supporting and promoting poets and artists, encouraging collaboration, creating new, exciting poetic experiences using music, visuals, dance, film, theatre ...


Printable Reality runs regular poetry/music/dance/multimedia events in Auckland including "In VOICE and Music" at Pah Homestead and "LIVE” at The Library Bar. They have a working relationship with London based “Apples and Snakes”, who have been supporting performance poetry art since 1982.

Gus Simonovic has been chosen by the Auckland Regional Arts Trust for the ART Venture 2010 program.

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